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Young Weymouth Conductor Wields the baton with Boston Landmarks Orchestra {Interview}

When he arrived in Quincy at age 5, Kristo Kondakci didn’t know that his Albanian grandfather had spent eight years in prison for performing Western music. That story came out after Kondakci’s own musical gifts surfaced. His family history gives the newly appointed assistant conductor of the Boston Landmarks Orchestra a deep appreciation for his orchestra. In six free Hatch Shell concerts this summer, the orchestra will bring to audiences music from a variety of cultures and traditions.

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An American Premiere of Early Mahler's First

{Boston Globe} When the idea of doing a Mahler festival was being kicked around at New England Conservatory earlier this year, Hugh Wolff, the school’s director of orchestras and an eminent conductor, was tasked with coming up with some programs. He discovered that Strauss’s tone poem “Don Juan’’ and Mahler’s First Symphony had premiered within weeks of each other in 1889. He could program both works on opening night: Assignment complete.

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