Summer at the BLO

© Boston Landmarks Orchestra, 2014

This summer, I have been engaged as the 'Artist Fellow' for the Boston Landmarks Orchestra. The BLO provides free concerts for thousands of people every week on the Charles River Esplanade during the summer; in the past, the audience has totaled 100,000! The fellowship was created uniquely for me, so I am honored to occupy this new position. It is quite intense as I have many different roles, both musical and administrative. My favorite project has been arranging a spiritual for 3 part children's choir, which we will perform with the Boston Public Schools' choirs in August.  I will also be involved in the Landmarks' "Instrument Playgrounds," events in which we have orchestra musicians demonstrate, play, and discuss their instruments to children and adults. We are organizing similar events at the Perkins School for the Blind and the Carroll School for children with learning disabilities. Community outreach is incredibly important for the future of classical music, because that is what this music is about; when fulfilled in a genuine, pure, and thoughtful capacity, music acts as a platform for helping people to wake up and come alive, connect deeply with themselves and others, and choose a life of passion, purpose, and self-responsibility; take Beethoven's 9th as an example! I am absolutely thrilled and honored to be serving both great music and the community-at-large with the Landmarks this summer.