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I am the conductor and co–founder of Eureka Ensemble, with the mission to mobilize musicians to nurture social change, and the music director of the Kendall Square Orchestra. I made my professional conducting debut with the Albanian National Orchestra in 2014 and my opera conducting debut in 2018 with the Vienna Summer Festival Opera.

Previously, I have worked with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, Boston Landmarks Orchestra, and Music for Food with violist Kim Kashkashian,  among many other groups. In 2015, I co-founded the North End Music & Performing Arts Center's (NEMPAC) annual performance tradition of Handel's Messiah as music director and it has since become a staple of NEMPAC's identity in the community.

Off the podium, I coach chamber music at Harvard University as non-resident tutor with Pforzheimer House, advise music organizations in Boston on artistic programming, social entrepreneurship, and audience development, and speak to schools and organizations on the power of music for social change and leadership. This year, I co-founded The Women's Chorus (TWC) as artistic director, bringing together women experiencing homelessness and severe poverty through music.

My vision is simple. Musicians have a far-reaching capacity to bring people together. When you think about an orchestra,  in other words, a platform in which different groups of people (in our case, violins, horns, trumpets, etc.) work together in pursuit of one common goal, you discover a powerful model for teamwork and community-building. The love, patience, discipline, and care that a musician gives to each note they play and to their colleagues playing with them in any given musical moment translates to how we as human beings can treat ourselves and each other. 

This summer (2018), I worked with Austrian conductors Christian Schulz and Wolfgang Scheidt at the Vienna Summer Music Festival, performing with the festival orchestra and conducting the world premiere of Scott Joiner's new opera "Bridesmaids".

My activities this fall include concerts with Eureka Ensemble, Rivers Symphony Orchestra, Kendall Square Orchestra, a TEDx talk on conducting and music as tools for social change, and leadership workshops with LeadersQuest, a social enterprise that works with leaders to create a more equitable and sustainable world

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 From a 2018 TED talk as a part of TEDx Beaconstreet

From a 2018 TED talk as a part of TEDx Beaconstreet

 Live in concert with the National Albanian Orchestra

Live in concert with the National Albanian Orchestra